Star Wars: Blue Shift

Episode VII Prologue

New Beginnings

“Hey Pliff, is that the ship,?” a young bounty hunter gestured to the Blue Shyft as she called over to her comrade who had been with her ever since they had escaped from the planet Myrkyrr and the service of George Carddass just months before.

“Yea thats the one, but who are those two bounty toughs guarding the entrance, they could be trouble if we can’t get by them before the ship’s crew gets back.”

“Don’t worry about it, we only need half an hour to install the alterations the Pyke told us to, and the crew is preoccupied with that altercation over the speeder we arranged back in the other bay”

“Yea honestly Jane i was not expecting that to work, that Archanian really likes to steal things, arranging for his armor to be stolen was a nice touch too, he won’t be back til he can get it.”

“Wait i think something’s happening, are the guards moving,”

“Yea they’re on the move, let’s go jane,” The bounty hunter’s moved into cover and then gained access to the ship through the side access ramp carrying a duffle bag between them, setting it on the deck by the engine compartment, unzipping it to reveal an astromech droid.

“Ok Pliff you get this thing going while I go make the preparations in the cockpit.”

Ten minutes later pliff joined Jane in the cockpit, “The droid is fixing things up, they won’t be able to tell what’s happening until it’s too late.”

Jane closed up the dashboard lower panel, “Good i’m all done here, want to hear the stupid names the forger gave them.”

“Sure we got to wait til the mech finishes, let me hear them.”

“So the ship is called the spice rack, and their names are _________, __________, __________, and Caramel Brulee,”

Pliff let out a throaty laugh, “Karrablast, the forger knows that the pyke want them to actually get to the planet right?”

Jane shrugged, “It should be fine, i’ve seen weirder names, i have a cousin literally names Bounty.”

“What’s so wierd about that?”

“Her last name is Hunter.”

“Ouch, you’re aunt and uncle are terrible.”

Behind them they heard the beeps from the astromech droid indicating that it had finished it’s work, “Alright Pliff thats our cue, lets get out of here.”

The two loaded the droid back up and then left the ship as quietly as they had come, and as they left trying not to be seen by the other bounty hunters that they didn’t notice the small figure watching them from the shadows. A small Zeltron child, checking her pocket to see if her package was still there, waited for them to leave and then took her chance to board the ship.


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